Event, Wedding and Party Planning
A gathering of family, friends or colleagues who come together to celebrate an event, pursue an interest, share an  experience or simply to have a good time.
Engage with us and you can be a guest at your own Convivio.
Welcome to convivio.co.uk The Event, Wedding and Party Planners site. Whether your function is for business or pleasure, let us take the strain, let us help you organise and run it, or find people to do it for you.
          In addition to Weddings  we support....
Coming of age etc.
 Open days
 Office parties
 Sales functions
 Staff days
 Charity raising
For a Summer Bash
Hold your own May Ball
Forget a BBQ, hold a MaxiQ
Try our Midsummer Madness
Great sounds at a Firework Concert
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Our aim is to help you find to design and deliver the function you want, end to end.
We help you
*Find a venue
  * Organise the catering and bar
  * Any entertainment and any entertainment you want
  * Gifts for the guests
Organise it so you can enjoy the function. Be a guest at your own party
Event, Wedding and Party Planners
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Event, Wedding and Party Planners.
Wedding Planning.
Events, Functions and Parties.
Themes for parties and functions.
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